Working early mornings I get the opportunity to care for and snap pictures of some of my critters who are more active at that time. It’s very quiet waking up at 5am and the only critters that make noise when they hear me stomping about are the rats and bunny.  

One of my fave nocturnal critters is my Asian forest scorpion who likes to muddy up her water dish every evening.  She enjoys having her long drink of fresh water in the evening then through the night she adds substrate to the dish,  I simply dump the mud out and just add more fresh water.  I need her Sulu and her favourite food is silk worms.  She doesn’t really go for crickets and actually seems afraid of them which is so silly.  Sulu is always defensive but if I ever have to pick her up for any reason it’s just a quick grab from the tail and I can transfer her where ever I need her to go.  

Asian forest scorpions are the second largest scorpions in the world and are normally docile in nature although not as calm and docile as the emperor scorpion.  In the scorpion world it’s not the large ones you need to worry about,  large black scorpions have very mild venom and would not phase a person unless they happened to be allergic.  But because handling is very rare and due to the fact they rarely use their stinger for defense issues arising from this species is super rare.  

While not a nocturnal animal the California King snake is a curious one and mine often comes out of hiding every time they hear me.  I have a pair,  a male and female who both look the same.  When I first got Worf and Dax they were skittish and their defense was to pretend to be a rattle snake and pee (musk)  on me when I picked them up.  After continuous handling they no longer do this.  California King snakes are from the colubrid family and are related to corn snakes and garter snakes.  They are a very easy keeper and I would absolutely recommend them as a good beginner species of snake.  Often I find them out in the open and they are a true joy to watch.  

My newest addition to the family is Peaches my Brachypelma Albiloposum sling (curly hair tarantula).  I have had one on my wish list for a whike,  they are a normally docile and fast growing tarantula and I quite enjoy starting out my tarantulas as babies and watching them grow.  Peaches is doing great she was very easy to transfer into her new enclosure.  I gave him/her lots of substrate but it hasn’t made a tunnel yet so far Peaches is content right out in the open.  Great little eater too as it took a half inch cricket with ease.  To get an idea of its size Peaches is pictured by a water bottle cap as it’s water dish.  I look forward to taking more about my tarantula collection and what quirks each spider has. The thing with each tarantula is that each have their own personality and often times they defy how they are supposed to act.  I have a tarantula that’s supposed to be a pet hole who thinks it’s an arboreal spider and I have an arboreal that enjoys the bottom of its enclosure.  

I  can’t wait to get a few more tarantula species.  I have a nice long wish list and it is a real treat looking after these creepy crawlies.  


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